Professional SEO Expert on demand for your agency

SEO Analytics

Successful SEO means measuring your progress through analytics. Use our White Label Key Points Indicator (KPI) reporting to help track your client's SEO Progress Monthly, Quarterly, or Annually.

Technical Site Review

Taking care of your client's Onsite SEO is vital to their success. Technical SEO reveals optimization opportunities that will help client's pages rise in the search rankings.

SEO to ID New Clients

Save discovery time and money by targeting the right clients! Use our SEO review to vet potential clients. Use these SEO reviews to get insight into what is working and not working for a potential client.

SEO Expert for hire

Imagine the ability to bring in a professional SEO to your office, on-demand, when you need him.

Our Founder, Casey Barnett, created Little Dog Consulting to help Agencies to offload one of the most technically taxing areas of any website build, Search Engine Optimization. Your team knows the basics of SEO but doesn't have the desire or the need to be an SEO Expert.  Little Dog Consulting with help your agency, on demand, to develop a comprehensive SEO plan that will help identify clients, identify valuable content before a new website build, match old and new content on a new build, and provide white labeled ongoing KPI reporting  that will help your agency to continue to provide value to your client, long after you rebuild their site for ongoing income.

Marketing Analytics Team

Find Your Voice

Finding the best way to communicate with your ideal client and customers, is paramount to creating strong brand recognition. How do you interact with your ideal client and how they want to interact with you? 

Professional Attention

Give your digital marketing the professional attention it deserves. You have been working so hard on your business that marketing, although always on top of your mind, seems to always be an after-thought. Add our Fractional CMO Services to your team and let us be the change agent your team has needed to put marketing on your radar. 

Facilitate Growth and Increase Sales

Let's face it, marketing is what you have to do to increase sales. Investing your time, money, and effort can only get you so far. You know you could do it if you had to but a professional CMO could do it faster and smarter, freeing up time for you to stay in your lane and run your business. 

Our Team

The SEO Expert

Casey is the brains behind the operation. He has been building websites and working on marketing campaigns for entrepreneurs since the '90. Casey has a unique way of connecting client's business goals with their customers' perspective, through data and analytics. He has helped entrepreneurs at all stages of business and large e-commerce sites to grow and succeed.

Casey spent 12 years working in the automotive industry and corporate banking, managing analytics. In 2010, Casey started SeeMe Media, a full-service, SEO first WordPress consultancy firm.

Casey is skilled in digital marketing and campaign creation, SEO, WordPress development, website hosting, email campaigns, and the list goes on and on. If you want to find out more, start by checking out LinkedIn for all the lengthy details.

The 4 Legged CMO

In 2015, Bear joined our happy team. We really are a team here at Little Dog Consulting. The first time you meet with us, you will see that. Our Chief Morale Officer is Bear. He is our inspiration. This little Pomeranian teaches us all how much heart, love and a powerful voice can impact the world around you. Bear loves to get to know everyone and everyone knows Bear. Like a true search professional, he is easy to find online or IRL in RTP, NC.

Bear also loves to attend client meetings. If you would love for him to come along to our meetings, just let us know and he will join us.


Client Love

Dr Karen Mishra

Dr. Karen Mishra, CMO

At Faro10, we hired Casey to help us audit our SEO strategy. In a short amount of time, he was quickly able to help us find ways to design better content and make sure that our keywords were appropriate for our target market. I would absolutely recommend Casey to help you improve the form and function of your website. Casey is easy to work with, extremely knowledgeable and an all-around fun guy.

Erika and Paul - Motee

Erika Williamson and Paul MoscaMotee

Casey gets a Motee for breaking down SEO into clear actionable tasks. SEO is a big subject. We know without it our website is a water molecule in the ocean. The Day 1 Analysis is perfect for a new website. Our site would remain unknown without the review. It’s something we want to do each quarter as we prepare for user engagement and build awareness through social media. We are glad to have him on the team.

Geoff Petis - Petis Law

Geoff Petis, Petis Law

Working with Casey couldn’t be easier. Casey has a way of explaining concepts and crunching data that is very easy for a technologically-challenged lawyer to understand. Casey and his team are also on-point when it comes to deadlines and timeframes. If anything, Casey keeps me on track and holds me accountable, which keeps the projects moving forward, the result of which (again), is a better and more effective online presence for my firm and foundation.

I would absolutely work with Casey in the future (I haven’t stopped for over two years!), and would highly recommend him to anyone who’s looking to enhance their online presence, re-brand, or get more web traffic!

Louis Brunson

Louise W. Brunson - NCCU

Casey and Little Dog Consulting are my go to resource to make any project, team or business better. Casey & I both serve on the board of an amazing non-profit, and we are all impressed with his brilliant ideas and comprehensive execution. He has helped to turn around our annual fundraiser (August Madness) to the point that we are considering changing the name to Fun Times Ahead! I would recommend adding Casey to any group that needs a win!

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