Our On-boarding Process

If you have made it here, you already know your company needs a new diligent focus on its marketing. By bringing in a Fractional Chief Marketing Officer, you will be able to add the services of a true Digital Marketing Professional at a rate your company can afford to invest. 

We offer three main packages to all of our clients, after an initial review of your company's digital assets. All of our CMO packages start with our Day 1 Digital Marketing Analysis. This review allows us to capture a snapshot of your company today and identify three very important points: 

  1. Is your company a good fit for the services we offer? 
  2. Can we help your company to excel in your industry?
  3. Where can we work together to be most effective for you? 

Creating a good partnership from the beginning is paramount to our mutual success! 

Process to get started

  1. Click the "Get Started Button"
  2. Register for the "Day 1 Digital Marketing Analysis"
  3. We will complete the Day 1 Digital Marketing Analysis
  4. Meet for 1 hour to review the Analysis and identify where our services could best help your company
  5. Pick an ongoing service level to start. 
    *We require a 3-month minimum commitment on all our packages. 
  6. Sign agreements, NDA and get started.