Search Optimization is more than SEO

On today's internet, your definition Search Engine Optimization must expand. So often people lump the words search and engine together and in their minds they just think "Google" optimization. If you have found yourself doing this, it is time to stop. Instead, start thinking, Search Optimization.

What's the difference between Search Optimization and SEO?

When you start to look at all the ways you search the internet for information you will realize that you really use more than just a classic web search engine to find the information you are looking for.  Have you looked for something on Facebook or YouTube? What about asking Alexa or Google Home for a recipe or a question? When you start to think of your optimization as optimization for all search you will change how you approach building content on the Internet.

Classic Search Engines:

  1. Google 1.6 billion visitors
  2. Bing 400 million visitors
  3. Yahoo 300 million visitors
  4. 245 million visitors
  5. AOL 125 Million Visitors
  6. Duck Duck Go
  7. Baidu
  8. Wolframalpha
  9. Internet Archive

Other Web Search Engines:

  1. Facebook
  2. YouTube
  3. Wikipedia
  4. Reddit
  5. Amazon
  6. Twitter
  7. Instagram
  8. Amazon
  9. LinkedIn
  10. Netflix

All 10 of these are bigger than Bing in daily visits. 

Search Optimization Technical Audit

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